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Venetian & Polished Plaster

Originating from Italy, Venetian plaster dates back as far as the Roman era. Its’ continued innovation & development in products has allowed this ancient craft to thrive in modern times. 

Venetian Plaster is extremely versatile, which allows us to manipulate various products to suit any environment. This could range from a heavily textured industrial design, which could suit a gym for example, to a highly polished marble finish, which is extremely popular for entrance hallways. Essentially, the design possibilities are endless!

As well as being visually stunning, Venetian Plaster has many other benefits. One of these benefits is the fact that it is eco-friendly, our products consist of lime putty & marble dust which is breathable. This means it can absorb co2 & also regulate humidity, eliminating the chance for mould to grow. This makes Venetian Plaster the perfect surface design finish to make a statement in a pool room or other high traffic areas.    

This leads onto another benefit of having Venetian Plaster, durability & low maintenance. Like anything Venetian Plaster is not indestructible but is much more durable than some other feature wall alternatives, such as wall papers or decorative paints. All designs are sealed with a special wax, which means it is also wipeable. Venetian Plaster is completely seamless, which doesn’t leave you with dirty join or grout lines like tiles & wallpaper can over time. It doesn’t require any on going maintenance & actually cures harder over time!

Bespoke Venetian Plastering - Commercial Venetian plastering projects Berkshire

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Bespoke Venetian Plastering - Mirror Finish Venetian Plaster Berkshire

Luxury Interior Design

Bespoke Venetian Plastering are located near Windsor, Berkshire and every single Venetian plaster finish that we create is completely unique, designed and hand crafted to your own specifications.

We hope our creativity inspires you to step into the world of Venetian plaster and we look forward to hearing from you soon. You can view our latest work by simply clicking the button below.

Exclusive, Luxurious & Bespoke

Bespoke Venetian Plastering - Commercial Venetian plastering projects Berkshire

About Bespoke Venetian Plastering

Bespoke Venetian Plastering was founded on a passion for creating modern, beautiful spaces. Each and every project is lovingly hand crafted.

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Client Review

Beyond happy

The service provided by Kaine and the other members of the BVP team has been truly exceptional. Not only did Kaine capture the design I wanted, when requesting a last minute tweak he was more than happy to accommodate, that’s what makes the service truly bespoke and thats what your paying for. The finished wall looks stunning, if your looking for the wow factor BVP will surpass your expectations.

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