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Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, our Venetian Plasters are all eco-friendly and sustainable throughout the process, from the manufacturing to disposal. 

Is it waterproof?

We use a product called Micro-Cement or Tadelakt for direct water exposure. These products can be used for wet-rooms, bathrooms & spas. Other Venetian plasters can be made water-proof to an extent once sealed, but not all designs are suitable for water exposure.

Can it be used on floors?

Micro-Cement can be used on floors & is very durable. It comes in a huge range of colours & provides a beautiful seamless look.

Can it be used around fireplaces?

Yes; our authentic Venetian Plasters are flame and heat resistant, meaning they not only make for a statement feature unit but are suitable for this area.

Can it be used for a kitchen splash back?

Yes, once sealed it is suitable to use for splash backs. We tend to advise our clients to use a clear glass screen where the hob is situated, as hot fatty oils may cause damage.

How easy is it to clean?

Very easy to clean for standard day to day blemishes, you can simply clean with a warm damp cloth & pat dry afterwards.

Can you incorporate our logo into your designs?

Yes, logos and any form of stencil design can be incorporated into our finishes.

How far do you travel?

We are based in Berkshire and mainly operate throughout the south-east but we do travel depending on project specification.

What is the process?

From initial enquiry, we can schedule a consultation meeting where we take measurements to provide the client with project costings & discuss colour brochures/sample designs. Based on client feedback and design preferences we can then create your very own bespoke swatch. Once the client has approved their chosen design, a deposit and installation date is arranged. 

What if we want to re-design in future?

If you want to change the feature design, we can begin the whole process again in a new finish. If for example you wanted to revert the wall back to its original state, it can be sanded & painted. If your design is heavily textured it may require skim plaster. 

How much does it cost?

Each project is priced individually as our designs are created bespoke, the details we would need in order to provide an approx. price would be: location, size of the area, & initial design preference. Images of the area are also helpful. 

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Really amazing bespoke walls created in our house with the BVP team. We created bespoke ceiling coffers with a polished grey finish, 2 textured finishes feature walls and also a full polished staircase wall. The service provided was great, on time and a very high quality finish. If you wish to create bespoke walls which amaze your guests I definitely recommend Kaine and his team at Bespoke Venetian Plastering.

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